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Thomas Adam

Co-Founder & CTO

"The implementation of the Wearables API has been incredibly beneficial for Fastic, providing significant time and cost savings. The cooperation with the Vital team has been outstanding, ensuring a smooth and seamless integration experience. Moreover, the Wearables API is developer-friendly, making it easy for our team to work with and leverage its capabilities. Overall, the Wearables API has proven to be an invaluable resource, promoting efficiency, collaboration, and developer satisfaction."


Wasting engineering resources building wearables integrations

In the competitive b2c weight loss market, programs that empower users to stick to new healthy habits and behaviours have the highest user success. In turn, these users are happier, more likely to recommend your app which reduces CAC and improves user retention.

The team at Fastic recognised early on that data from wearables such as Sleep, Nutrition, activity would be immensely valuable for members to track their progress and create positive feedback loops that help them stick to their new habits. It would also give their coaches more data points to tailor fasting plans.

For this reason, the team started integrating directly with a few wearables providers but very soon after became frustrated at the amount of engineering time being dedicated to set up and maintain integrations. They also found that as their user numbers grew, so did the range of wearables used by their members - making it hard to keep up.

The team came to us looking for a solution that would enable them to get the data they needed reliably, across a wide range of wearables, freeing up time for the engineering team to focus on app optimisation.


Vital’s Wearables API helps Fastic personalize faster.

Thanks to Vital’s Wearables API, Fastic was able to access wearables data across all of their users' wearables immediately and compliantly into their app. Users were now able to see their data standardised and aggregated across all their favourite wearables devices. This visibility helped drive app engagement as users were able to better track their progress and help the care teams tailor and adjust fasting plans on a more continuous basis. Together, these contributed to Fastic improving how their plans were personalised and tailoring them at a higher velocity. The result? 92% of Fastic users achieved their weight loss goals faster.


Saving over $80,000 annually in engineering costs

Building and maintaining wearables integrations internally is expensive, requiring specialized engineers, research, and ongoing support. By choosing the Wearables API solution, Fastic avoided these costs, resulting in an estimated annual savings of over $80,000 compared to developing and maintaining the integrations themselves. Fastic estimates that they saved approximately 60 engineering hours per month, which could then be redirected towards other important tasks such as app optimization. According to Fastic's data analysis, users who utilized wearables integration achieved their weight loss goals 24% faster compared to those who didn't!

Start fetching health data from wearables and lab tests.

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