Changelog - December

Changelog - December
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We are pleased to present our latest updates at Vital, which focus on enhancing user experiences, improving API functionalities, and providing more insights through new features. These updates span from the beginning of December to early January and include several key enhancements that aim to improve the functionality and user interface of our platform.

Introducing New API and Dashboard Features

  • Historical Pull Introspection API: In early December, we introduced the Historical Pull Introspection API, a new tool that allows users to gain deeper insights into the data retrieval processes. This API is designed to help developers understand and manage historical data pulls more effectively. More details can be found in our documentation here.
  • Enhanced Data Refresh Control: We have updated the POST /v2/user/refresh/:id endpoint to allow developers to control the maximum data refresh timeout, which now can be set between 5 to 60 seconds, with a default of 10 seconds. This change ensures that resource refreshes exceeding the timeout are reported as “in progress” rather than “failed,” improving the reliability of data synchronization.
  • Corrected Resource Reporting: Additionally, the same endpoint (POST /v2/user/refresh/:id) has been fixed to report resources in the correct namespaced format (provider/resource_name), addressing previous issues with resource identification.
  • Dashboard Trial Progress Bar: For those testing our services via a trial account in the sandbox, we have added a progress bar in the dashboard. This feature informs users of the remaining days in their trial period, enhancing the trial experience by keeping users informed about their account status.

Policy and Process Adjustments

  • Sandbox Trial API Request Policy: Starting from January, API requests from teams with expired sandbox trials will now be rejected. This change is aimed at ensuring active engagement and compliance with trial terms, encouraging users to transition to full accounts for continued access.

Bug Fixes

  • Get Lab Results PDF: We have resolved issues within the backend SDKs related to the 'Get Lab Results PDF' method. This fix ensures that users can reliably obtain PDF versions of lab results, streamlining the process of data management and review.

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