Changelog - August

Changelog - August
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📢 Vital API Updates

Timeseries Read API Changes

  • The heartrate_variability option in /v2/timeseries is now deprecated.
    • Recommendation: Switch to using hrv.

Vital API Schema Evolution

  • We're refining the distinction between Source and Provider.
    • Source: Indicates where a specific summary or timeseries value originates.
    • Provider: Represents platforms or entities that Vital interfaces with.
    • Key Changes:
      • In the Source object, the slug is now provider.
      • Deprecated Fields: In the Source object, the name, slug, and logo fields are now deprecated. This impacts all summary types.
      • Some Provider objects were mistakenly labeled as source. We're initiating a deprecation cycle for these instances.

Timeseries Value Type Field Adjustments

  • The type field now denotes Measurement Types, specifically for Cholesterol, IGG, and IGE.
    • For Cholesterol, IGG, and IGE: No changes.
    • For Glucose: type will still represent Source Types for now. A future update will bring changes.
    • For other timeseries types: type will consistently return null.


  • Vital’s Apple HealthKit SDK now supports sleeps generated by iPhones.
  • The Vital Link widget and API have updated provider availability for Dexcom (G7 and later).
  • You can now order testkits for deferred patients. Learn More
  • Fixed issues related to user orders, sandbox environment lab tests, and specific API endpoints.

Recent Fixes

  • Resolved issues with Garmin workout streams and weight samples.
  • Enhanced error detection for invalid connections.
  • Addressed Fitbit sleep history interruptions and improved Garmin Sleep data consistency.

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