Changelog - February

Changelog - February
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As we continue to improve our services and offerings, we are excited to share a range of updates that have been rolled out across the Vital platform over the last two months. These updates enhance functionality, improve user experience, and provide new capabilities to better support your health data management needs.

New Functionalities and Improvements

  • Undo User Deletion: A notable update is the introduction of the POST /v2/user/undo_delete endpoint, which allows users to undo deletions within the last 7 days. It's important to note that while this restores the user account, it does not reconnect provider connections.
  • Scheduled Orders: We've added functionality to support scheduled orders, enhancing flexibility and control over order management.
  • Mobile SDK Updates: New releases of our Mobile SDKs include several improvements:
    • HealthKit activity summaries now include Exercise Minutes in the medium field.
    • We've made semantic updates to our Core SDK, renaming cleanUp() to signOut() to better describe its functionality. Additionally, signing out from the Core SDK will now reset the Health SDK as well, consolidating these actions into a single command.

Documentation and API Enhancements

  • Enhanced Timestamps and Time Zones Documentation: We have updated our documentation to provide clearer information regarding the handling of timestamps and time zones, accessible here.
  • Fallback Birth Date: To improve heart rate zone calculations, we introduced the option to provide a fallback birth date for each user, ensuring accurate maximum heart rate calculations even when the age is not provided by the health data provider.
  • Grouped Timeseries Data: Our API now supports requesting timeseries data grouped by source types, which allows for more organized data analysis. This is particularly useful when integrating data from multiple devices such as Apple Watches and iPhones. More details can be found in our Grouped Timeseries Data API reference.

Data Management and Integration Fixes

  • Data Deduplication and Attribution: We have improved the deduplication of Apple Health sleep data and enhanced data attributions for timeseries events, tagging them with a top-level Source Type to improve data organization and reliability.
  • Integration Fixes: We've addressed issues in our integrations with Oura and Garmin, particularly regarding the pulling of older historical data. We've also corrected a problem with the rounding of user heights in Oura data.
  • Improved Biomarker Search: Enhancements to the Vital Dashboard and API now allow for more efficient searching of biomarkers, either by provider ID or marker name.
These updates reflect our ongoing commitment to providing a robust and user-friendly platform for managing health data. We are continually working to enhance our services based on user feedback and technological advancements. Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to support your health data management efforts with innovative solutions and improvements.

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