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Sample ADX Instructions

Fasting for 10-12 hours without any food or drink except water is required if testing for lipids and other cardio health markers.

1. Get Things Ready

Verify kit contents and place them on a clean flat surface like a table (preferably below waist level).

2. Fill out collection card

Write your name, date of birth, and date on the collection card.

3. Warm up to get your blood flowing

The warmer your body is the easier the blood will flow. Do a few jumping jacks or run your hand under warm water.

4. Clean your finger

Make sure to clean outer edge of middle and/or ring finger of your non-dominant hand with alcohol wipe and allow to dry for 20- 30 seconds.

5. Prick your finger with the lancet

Remove the protective tip from the lancet. Place the lancet slightly off center on your finger tip, hold steady, press down firmly until it “clicks”, the release.

6. Drop blood on to the collection card

Position finger over collection square of blood card and gently massage the entire length of finger to form a large, hanging blood drop. Do not squeeze too hard. Allow 3-4 large blood drops to fall onto the collection square. Continue adding drops until blood disperses to the line indicated on the card.

If you are unable to get sufficient blood, repeat from step 3 using a different finger and a new lancet provided in the kit.

7. Dry the ADX card

After blood collection is complete, gently press the glaze pad to stop bleeding and apply bandaid. Allow the card to air dry for a minimum of 60 minutes.

8. Return the kit

Place the card into the sample return pouch with desiccant pack and seal. Place the sealed pouch back into the box, and into the mailing envelope provided. Stick on the return label and mail to the lab.

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