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Access real-time device data

500+ integrations and counting. We bring all the data you need to form a comprehensive view of your user's health in real-time.

The fastest growing health companies use Vital

Why Vital?

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Decrease your time to market

Move faster with off-the-shelf access to hundreds of devices directly into your app.

Drive product personlization

Uncover comprehensive health insights that drive customer engagement.

Develop at 10x speed

No more wrangling the complexity of custom SDKs and wasting hours reading remote data.

How it works?

Drop in Vital Widget

Utilize Vital’s SDKs and libraries to easily embed Vital’s Widget into your application.

import { VitalClient } from “@tryvital/vital-node

const client =  new VitalClient({
  api_key: “qXwgvrfv3BgrvwrfvgTGbrtgv4m0H
  environment: “sandbox”,

const order = await client.LabTests.create_order(

const current_order = await client.LabTests.get_order(

Connect Devices

Connect wearables and medical devices through the fully customizable Vital widget.


Analyze Data

Get data sent to your servers via webhooks, start visualizing and analysing the datasets to show to your users.


Vital has you covered

Security by design

Anonymisation by default & support for customer managed encryption keys. Vital is HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2 compliant.

Rich, Realtime data

Data delivered instantly into your app from any platform the moment it's available via webhooks.

Effortless authorisation

Use our white-labelled Vital widget or API's to handle complicated authentication states seamlessly.

Battle-tested integrations

Millions of data points processed everyday.

Historic patterns

Retrieve retroactive data to analyse user patterns over time.

Data your way

Access raw data straight from the source to analyse the data with your own schemas.

Vital for
Digital Health


More patients per month

3 weeks

from 0 to fully integrated


Saved in 1 year


"Vital has been a game-changer for us, providing not only excellent customer service but also outstanding functionality. Their at-home lab testing API has streamlined our processes and allowed us to scale rapidly without compromising the quality of care we provide to our patients. We couldn't have asked for a better partner in our mission to revolutionize allergy treatment."



Start fetching health data from wearables and lab tests.

SOC 2 Type I


HIPAA Certified

GDPR Ready


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