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Three Modalities of Testing, one API.

Offer your customers a unified lab testing experience across in-person, at-home blood draws and test kits. Reduce costs, friction and logistical complexity with Vital's lab testing API.

The fastest growing health companies use Vital


Why Vital?

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Launch testing with ease

Test kit ordering, logistics handling, customer updates and results retrieval - we’ve automated and optimised it all end-to-end.

Care, no matter what

With access to 3 modalities of testing, your customers can choose what is most convenient for them.

Scale Compliantly

With our 50 State Physician Network, every test ordered is has physician approval and followups for abnormal or critical results.

How it works?

Pick your modality

Custom-designed kits that reflect your brand and service.

At-home Test Kits

Order & Track via API or Dashboard

Automated ordering via API and real-time order tracking via modern webhooks.

import { VitalClient } from “@tryvital/vital-node

const client =  new VitalClient({
  api_key: “qXwgvrfv3BgrvwrfvgTGbrtgv4m0H
  environment: “sandbox”,

const order = await client.LabTests.create_order(

const current_order = await client.LabTests.get_order(

Structured and actionable results

PDF, JSON, HL7 - All data is returned structured, so you can build the best UI’s in your apps.


Vital has you covered

CLIA and CAP certified Labs only

We only partner with labs with proven validation methods for their tests.

Customised Lab panels

Lab-analysed blood, DNA, urine, saliva tests and much more. We use our lab network and expertise to help you develop panels that are most insightful to your users.

Continuous Tracking

Receive notifications and keep track of all orders and results through the dashboard and API.

Customer Support

Customisable emails and SMS updates mean your customers have visibility into the status of their tests along the entire journey through results.

Prevent invalid results

Use our video instructions to ensure your users have a quick, painless and accurate sample collection.

Easy-to understand results

We return all lab results and normal ranges in structured format via API making it easy to integrate into your customer’s UI.

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"Vital has been a game-changer for us, providing not only excellent customer service but also outstanding functionality. Their at-home lab testing API has streamlined our processes and allowed us to scale rapidly without compromising the quality of care we provide to our patients. We couldn't have asked for a better partner in our mission to revolutionize allergy treatment."



Start fetching health data from wearables and lab tests.

SOC 2 Type I


HIPAA Certified

GDPR Ready


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