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MyFitnessPal API

With the MyFitnessPal API you can connect to your MyFitnessPal account and retrieve fitness data from your MyFitnessPal devices. Vital makes it easy to connect to the MyFitnessPal API and retrieve your data.

Step 1

First steps to integrate with MyFitnessPal

Create a Vital account

The first step is to create an account with Vital. Once created head to the settings section, and click create API key to start.

Get API Key

Generate a Link Token

Use your API key to generate a link token. This token will be used to allow your users to connect their MyFitnessPal account.

Link Token Docs

Register Webhook URL

Once connected, register a webhook URL to start receive updates when new MyFitnessPal data is available. Data is harmonized and sent via JSON.

Read more on webhooks

Step 2

What data does MyFitnessPal provide?

All data from MyFitnessPal is provided in JSON format. Vital consists of three main schema types that it uses to push data to your webhook url. These schema types can be found here. You can filter these events to receive specific resource types, via webhook. The full list of available resources for MyFitnessPal can be found below.

  • meal

MyFitnessPal Webhook Payloads

Step 3

Receiving Data via Webhooks

MyFitnessPal data is updated in real-time. Once a user connects their account, you will receive a webhook event with the data. You can also query the data via our API. New data in most cases for MyFitnessPal is provided in real-time. Vital guarantees all new data to be available within 15 mins of the data being recorded. A refresh for new MyFitnessPal data can also be requested via our refresh API.

View all Event Payloads

Step 4


Historical Harmonized Data

MyFitnessPal data is always standardized and harmonized using Vital's standardized schemas. This means you can query historical data for any user via HTTP requests and receive historical data prior to connecting devices using Vital. Full list of historical data and how much data is retrieved for MyFitnessPal can be found below.

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